DoulaID connects doulas to jobs, clients, and resources.

There is a strong, well-documented link between income, race, and health disparities, especially for Black women. In Maryland, Black women are 2.75 times more likely to die of pregnancy-related causes than their White counterparts (MMHIP, 2021). Low income Black mothers who are Medicaid eligible are at an ever higher risk for negative birth and postpartum outcomes (Mallick, et al., 2022). Doula services have been shown to improve birth outcomes and maternal health broadly (Ellman, 2020) and for low income women specifically (Kozhimannil, et al., 2013). On February 21, 2022, Maryland Medicaid declared that it would provide coverage for doula/birth worker services to Medicaid beneficiaries (MHD, 2022). DoulaID is a grassroots project designed to connect doulas to underserved clients, sustainable income, and vital resources. ©. All Rights Reserved