Project Catalyst supports RootsID from the beginning. We have participated since Fund 6 proposing Self Sovereign Identity projects that were voted by the community and receive fundings. Following is a list of our winning projects:

Projects are listed here but should be inserted in a different and nicer layout in the web. Video links should be to the video on the blog post.

Fund 9:

RootsWallet – iPhone version

RootsID – Verifiable Credential

Discord Social Credential

KERI bridge for Cardano

RootsWallet – User Feedback Updates

Cardano SSI contributors – Season 2

WAL-CLI Issue Credential Protocol

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WAL-CLI Communication

RootsWallet beta – Backup/Recovery

Cardano SSI standards contributors

KYC Credentials PoC

RootsWallet – Support for sidetree

DIDComm v2 Mediator

Universal Resolver for did:prism

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WAL-CLI Wallet Tools for developers

Open Source Credential Wallet

Hyperledger-Prism Interoperability

 Interoperability Within Atala Prism

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