RootsID is an Open Source development team building, implementing and integrating Self Sovereign Identity products based on Open Standards that drive adoption, interoperability, and innovation.

We are currently funded by grants from our Catalyst proposals and donations. We are active in communities like Catalyst, Trust over IP, Decentralized Identity Foundation, Hyperledger, and KERI all with the goal of bringing SSI to the mainstream.

Actively contributing to:

Latest Posts

Catalyst Fund 7: Interoperability Within Atala PRISM
RootsWallet Catalyst Fund 7 Introduction
Cardano Podcast: Descentralización Total


Rodolfo Miranda

Co-founder of RootsID and contributor on several of our projects, including RootsWallet. ..


Esteban García

Co-founder of RootsID and is building WAL CLI, a Cardano/Prism based multi-tenant…


Lance Byrd

Co-founder of RootsID, a group of decentralized identity specialists building open source…


Alexandru Andrei

Alex is an experienced open source developer who has a passion for architecting…

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